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MaketheFilms Package Truck Rental

Fully loaded Package Truck. includes package truck manager/driver.

  • 24 hours
  • 1,500 Canadian dollars
  • Filming on location

Service Description

Package Truck- 1x Arri M18 kit (1200 electronic) 1x Arri M8 kit (high speed electronic) 1x Cmc 575 Daylight Hmi par Kits(Elec) Led/Fluorescent – Lighting 2x Arri Skypanel S-60 1x Skypanel S-60 Remote 1x Skypanel Chimera DP choice w/snapgrid 4x Skypanel Grids 2x Skypanel road cases 2x 8’ Quasar tubes 1x Astera AX1 Kit w/case 4x 4'4bank Kino Flo Kit (Daylight/Tungsten) 1x 4’4bank Bare bulb kit 1x 4’ 4bank Dmx ballast 1x 4”1bank Bare bulb kit 1x 2’2bank Bare bulb kit 2x Kino Flo Parabeam 401 Kits (Daylight/ Tungsten) 2x Kino flo Divas 401Kits (Daylight/ Tungsten) 2x Kino Flo Kamio Ring Light kit Tungsten Lighting 2x 2k Bambino big eye 1x 2k Strand Fresnel lite 2x 2k Bambino 1x 2k Open face 2x Etc source four Hid 2x 1k Bambinos 2x 1k Mole 2x Arri 1k Fresnels 3x Arri 650 Fresnels 4x Arri 300 Fresnels 2x Arri 150 Fresnel 1x 100 Pepper Fresnel Power & Distro 1x dryer plug to joy 220v 1x stove plug to dual joy 1x 50” Joy Cables 1x 25' joy Cable 15x 50' Ac cables 20x 25' Ac cables 1x 2k dimmer rat pack 2x 1k Dimmer Light & Grip Stands 2x Matthews 5k Wind up Stand 2x Matthews Sky High Stands 2x Matthews Junior Sky High Stands 4x Avenger Junior Sky High Stands 5x 2k Combi Stands 1x Matthews Low Boy Combi Stand 4x Avenger Baby Triple 30 Stand 2x Avenger Triple riser stand 3x Steel triple riser stands 2x 2k Low boy roller stand 10x 40' Avenger Cstands w/head/arm 2x 30” Avenger C/stands w/head/arm 2x 20” Avenger C/stand w/head/arm 2x 750 Avenger lightweight stands 1x Turtle base stand Grip Gear 2x 12x12 Frame w/ears 2x 8x8 Frame with ears 1x 6x6 Frame w/ears 1x 12x12 Silk 1x 12x12 Griff 1x 12x12 Claycoat 1x 8x8 Bleached Muslin 1x 8x8 Silent Light Grid 1x 8x8 Silk 1x 8x8 Solid 1x 8x8 Griff 1x 8x8 Ultra Bounce 1x 8x8 Claycoat 1x 8x8 solid 1x 6x6 Silk 1x 6x6 Griff 1x 6x6 Solid 8x 4x4 frames 1x 4x4 Snap grid 7x 4x4 Floppy Flags 4x 4x4 Muslin Floppy Flags 1x 4x4 Silk 1x 4x4 Cookie 1x 4x4 Celo Cookie 1x 1x4 Cutter 1x .5x4 Cutter 3x 3x3 frames 1x 3x3 bounce 1x 24x36 Metal flag 3x 24x36 Solid flag 2x 24x36 Silk flag 1x 24x36 muslin 1x 24x36 Lt grid 1x 24x36 Cookie 1x 24x36 Cello cookie 2x 18x24 Flags 1x 18x24 Flopply flag 2x 18x24 Silk 1x 18x24 Double Net 1x 18x24 Single Net 1x 18x24 Open end Opal 1x 18x24 Open end 250 1x Mini double net 1x Mini single net 6x Full AppleBox, 4x Half AppleBox, 2x Quarter AppleBox

Contact Details


Office 102 Delaney Drive, Ajax, ON, Canada

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