*Red 8K Digital Cinema Package

Epic W 8k Helium body

Red Dsmc2 Base Expander

Red PL Mount

Red Canon Mount

Red 4.7 inch Touch Monitor

Red Bomb Evf /lcos

Red Dsmc 2 Adapter A

Red DSmc2 Adapter B

Red Coil Lcd/Evf cable

Red strait to strait Lcd/Evf cable

Red Dsmc Gold Mount battery module

Red 240gig minimag

Red 120gig minimag

Red 120gig minimag

Red 120gig minimag

Red Dsmc2 Universal Top handle

Red Dsmc2 Top Handle w/swat rail

SmallRig Left side plate

SmallRig Riser w/15mm

Wooden Camera 15mm studio Brigde plate

5x Swit batteries

1x Swit chargers

Preston FIZ2 Three Channel Kit

1x Preston Hand unit 2

1x Mdr 1 (Updated)

1x V+F Zoom Control

3x Preston DM1 motors

3x Motor cables

2x P-tap Power cable

1x 24v 3pin Power cable

12x focus rings

1x Arri Run/stop

1x Red run stop

1x Jerry hill brackets

1x universal mounting bracket

2x Mdr mounting brackets


Preston FIZ Single Channel Kit

1x Preston G4 Single Channel handset

1x Preston G4 V+F Single channel mdr

1x DM1 Motor 

1x Mdr mounting bracket

2x Mdr P-tap Power cable

2x Arri Run/stop cables

2x Motor cables

6x Marking Rings

2x Handset Batteries


*Camera Support

O’Conner 2575b Fluild head

Mitchell Standard Legs

Mitchell baby legs

Mitchell Hihat


Red Pro Zoom 18mm-85mm t2.9

Canon Cne Primes 

14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm


*Lens Support Kit

O'Conner Ofocus Kit

O'Conner OBox Kit

O'Conner Complete support rings kit

O'Conner Matte Box Eyebrow & side flag


4x5.65 Filters

ND 1.2IR Filter

ND 1.2 Filter  

ND .9 Filter 

ND .6 Filter

ND .3 Filter  

CTB ½ Filter

Pro Mist Filter

4x4 Filters

Coral grad Filter

812 Warm Filter

Wireless 3G-Sdi Video

Teradek Bolt 300 (A)

1x Tx Sdi

2x Rx Sdi  

4x Power cables

4x Sdi cables


Teradek Bolt 300 (B)

1x Tx Sdi

2x Rx Sdi

4x Power cables

4x Sdi cables


Client/Directors Monitors

*Panasonic 26" LCD BT-LH2600WP Client Monitor

JVC   12" SDI Directors Monitor 

Liliput 10" HDMI Directors Monitor

Ikan VX7 7” SDI Monitor

Camera Gimbal

DJI Ronin 2 3-Axis Handheld / Aerial Stabilizer Gimbal

Ronin 2 Grip

Remote Controller

8 x TB50 Intelligent Batteries

Dual TB50 Battery Mount

Battery Charger

Quad Charging Hub

Battery Charger Power Cable

Ronin 2 Power Hub

Protective Case

Hex Tool

Assembly Hardware & Cables

*Espache Dolly Kit 

Espache Dolly

Leveling head

Side boards

front board

Dolly seat

Low Bracket

3foot Ubang

6',12' Risers


1x 10' Matthews track

8x 8' Matthews track

2x 4' Matthews track

Car Mounts, Sliders, Dolly Kits 

Car Hood/Hostess Tray mount kit

Pipe Slider/Dolly kit

 Tripod Dolly kit


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